Drone GuidesHow You Can Use Drones to Automate Your Solar Panel Inspection

June 18, 2022by admin0

Routine solar panel inspections are essential to making sure your solar panels are performing at their optimal level.

However, inspecting them can be time-consuming and expensive to do with traditional methods like climbing up on roofs or hiring a third party inspection service.

Now, thanks to new drone technology, you can cut down on the costs of inspection while saving yourself hours out of your day by automating the process entirely with drone technology!

Here’s how to automate your solar panel inspection using drones.

First Thing’s First

Drones are getting cheaper and easier to use every day. Why not take advantage of them as a way to reduce your overhead and increase profitability?

Here’s how you can find out if that’s right for you: First, how big is your business and what percentage of revenue comes from solar panel inspections?

If they are just a small part of your business, it may be difficult to justify investing in drone technology. However, if they make up a large part of your revenue stream then integrating drones into your process could be very profitable.

Once you’ve figured out what makes sense for you, it’s time for plan-making!

Choose the Right Drone for the Job

More and more, the drone market is expanding. With the large number of options now available for any type of job, it’s important to choose the right one.

For solar panel inspections, a fixed-wing drone is probably your best bet, because it offers a more accurate picture of the panels from high above them than an aerial drone can.

They’re also generally easier to control in windy conditions than their counterparts with rotors on top.

Where Should You Focus on Inspecting?

When you’re inspecting your solar panels, focus on those areas where damage is most likely and that can be easily spotted from a drone: any broken or cracked panels, dents in metal frames, and damaged connectors.

Using software such as 3D photogrammetry, it’s possible to measure distances between different points of an object using two-dimensional images taken from different angles.

What Type of Problems Can a Drone Reveal?

Drone technology can help you quickly identify problems like a shingle that’s missing from your roof or rotten support beams.

They can also quickly measure potential issues like a discrepancy in height between your gutters and downspouts.

In addition, drones are particularly adept at capturing before-and-after photos that let you see how well you’re maintaining your solar panels.

When you factor in their ability to explore virtually any location, these aerial vehicles make for a handy—and powerful—tool for solar panel inspections.

Hiring a Drone Pilot To Do Your Solar Panel Inspection

To get a closer look at your solar panels from an aerial perspective, you can hire a drone pilot who can do a solar panel inspection for you.

Drone pilots are trained in remote control flight and digital image processing, which makes them perfect for gathering data about roof areas that would be difficult or dangerous to reach.

They can also inspect entire Solar Panel farms much quicker and easier than doing it yourself. Looking for someone to inspect your solar panels? Reach out to us today.

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