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Most new homes go through a standard roof inspection after the fact, when it’s too late to catch any problems that could lead to damage or leaks in the future.

In many cases, the buyer will end up with an expensive bill to have their roof repaired or replaced, which they may have been able to avoid had they had a drone roof inspection done before buying the house.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are several good reasons why you should hire a drone inspection service as part of your preparation before putting it on the market. Learn more by reading this article on why you should use drones for roof inspections.

Save time and money

By using a drone for roof inspections, real estate agents can help their clients save time and money. There are plenty of advantages to using drones. For example, they allow realtors and homeowners to cover much more ground in one day, so they can reduce inspection times by a huge margin.

This lets them sell houses faster and for more money.

Improved safety

It’s safer to use drones for inspecting roofs. Not only do drones give you a better overview of your roof, they also lower your risk of injury while you’re on it. Plus, it takes less time to gather photos and other data with drones than with ladders or scaffolding.

In fact, drones are so fast that most inspections can be completed in just one or two hours—and sometimes even less time if you fly several times over the same area (rather than checking it all from ground level).

This means that no matter how large your property is, drone-based inspections are a viable option for gathering information on its state.

Easily and safely take a look at your roof using a drone.


Access the inaccessible

Standard roof inspections can be dangerous. For instance, if a structure has a steep pitch, a standard ladder could slip at any time.

As a result, inspectors must not only deal with heights but also risk falling and potentially suffering an injury as well. Using drones for roof inspections eliminates that worry altogether by allowing you to access hard-to-reach places while being able to see everything they need to observe.

Even better, it’s a safer option than working from a ladder because it allows you to fly over rooftops without risking an accident. With no fear of slipping or tripping on wires or pipes, drones allow technicians to inspect structures more thoroughly than ever before—all without endangering themselves in any way.

Drones help you saved time and money when getting your roof inspected.

Create 3D models

There are a variety of uses for drones for roof inspections, including detecting hail damage and identifying leaks. However, one of their most unique features is that they can create 3D models of structures.

This is incredibly helpful for generating complete and accurate reports in just minutes instead of hours. Why spend valuable time climbing a ladder to get an up-close look at your roof when you can fly above it? The ability to visualize potential problems through 3D models is why drones make perfect tools for home inspections.

After all, no one wants to be surprised by nasty mold or rotting wood after spending thousands on repairs; but with technology like drone-generated 3D models, you never have to worry about surprises again!


Drones are a fantastic way to inspect your property. With proper training and education, they can be used for many different reasons. The biggest benefit of using drones is that they provide a very low cost, safe way to survey structures.

The use of drones will increase in coming years as more people learn about their advantages. Our company has embraced these benefits and we hope you’ll take advantage too! Get in touch today for your free consultation for your drone roof inspection!

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